3.4 Modifying Access Rights for a Chat Room

You can modify the access rights for a chat room that you have the ability to change the rights for.

  1. If you are creating a chat room with access rights, click Tools > Chat Room, click Create, then click the Access tab. For additional information about creating chat rooms, see Creating a Chat Room.


    If you are modifying the rights for an existing chat room, click Tools > Chat Rooms, select the chat room to modify, then click Properties.

  2. By default General User Access is displayed in the access list. To add another user to the access list, click Find User.

  3. Type the contact’s name in the Name field, then click Next.

  4. Select the user, then click Finish.

  5. Select the access rights for the user.

    View: Allows the user to view the chat room.

    Send: Allows the user to send a message to the chat room.

    Modify Rights: Allows the user to modify the rights to the chat room.

    Moderator: The moderator can delete a user and change the topic of the chat room.

  6. Click Set Password to set a password for the chat room.

    This requires the user to enter a password to join the chat room. There is only one password for the chat room.