6.2 Viewing the Extended History from a Conversation, Chat Room, or Broadcast

You can display the history file for a conversation from the conversation window. Every time you have a conversation, enter a chat room, or send or receive a broadcast, the history is written to a history file.

Your history is stored on the device where the conversation took place. For example, if you have a conversation on your laptop, you cannot view the history of that conversation on your mobile phone.

Most history files are associated with the type of window you are in and who you are messaging. For example, all your conversations with Mike Palu would be saved in a file named Conv_mpalu_number.hst. If it is a chat room history file, the name changes to Chat_nameofchatroom_number.hst. However, all sent broadcasts are saved in the Broadcasts_sent.hst file. You can change the history file location. For more information about moving the history file, see Changing the History Files Location.

When the history file displays, you cannot edit the file from the History window.

  1. From a conversation, chat room, or broadcast window, click Show history. The content of the history file is displayed.