3.5 GroupWise Messenger Worksheet

The GroupWise Messenger Installation program helps you create your Messenger system and install the Messenger software. The Installation program prompts you for the information in the worksheet. Print the worksheet and fill in the information for your Messenger system before you start the Messenger Installation program.




Messenger System Objects

  • MessengerService

  • server_name

Specify the Messenger and Server object names that are used in the database.

See System Objects


Agents IP address


Specify the IP address of the local machine and if you want the agents to bind to the IP address.

See Agent Network Address


Security Configuration

  • Internal or External Certificate?

  • Internal:

    Hostname or IP address for certificate:

  • External:

    Certificate file:

    Key file:

    Key password:

    Allow self-signed certs:

Choose whether you are going to use internal or external certificates for Messenger. If external, specify the certificate file, key file, key password, and if you are using self-signed or weak certificates.

See TLS for Agents and Database


Server Certificate path

Specify the path where you want certificates to be stored on the server. The default is /opt/novell/messenger/certs.

See TLS for Agents and Database

Database address

Specify the DNS name or the IP address of the Messenger server.

See Planning the Messenger Database Configuration


Database password

The default user name for the database is messenger. Please create a password for this user.

See Planning the Messenger Database Configuration


Database Port <8320>

Specify the port you want the database service to use.

See Planning the Messenger Database Configuration


MARS Configuration

  • Username: <GWAdmin>

  • Password:

  • Port: <8315>

Specify the user name, password, and port used by GroupWise to connect to Messenger

See Planning the MARS Configuration


System user for Messenger service

Specify a user for the Messenger agents to use.

See System User for Messenger Services