536101     Getting error 0xDB57 on modifying preferred email address
584296     Global Signature does not retain color scheme while creating Global Signature from ConsleOne
747742     GroupWise needs to support ACLs on eDirectory Groups
Calendar WebHost

 741333     URL for Published System Calendar not working in caching mode
742208     Script error appears on Calendar Publisher Host page when a double click is performed
748168     Published cal defaults to day view and will not change to week or month
748186     Blackberry Playbook no longer can view a published calendar
765952     Calendar Publisher - All day appt showing up all of previous month instead of just 1 day
Windows Client
740026     Users have to log off and back on in order for a new frequent contacts entry to be found with NCC
743613     GroupWise client crashes when adding address to group
753385     "Shared address book is missing ""Sharing"" tab"
778675     Crash trying to create a proxy calendar/proxy to another user
737171     Distribution List shows blank detailed information for members
759431     Crash when trying to see the details of a user
727600     "Moving an app to new hour from week view does not show the message, ""Do you want to perform a busy search ?"""
741788     Edited recurring appt with custom dialog will sometimes either unselect or select today when you go in to change the selected day or just look at it.
765168     Allow delegation of apppointments inline instead of as attachment.
766169     Reaccept appointtment is not required after modifying the time of the app
766649     Received appointments are incorrectly moved to a different time
770323     Received appointments are not moved when they are dragged and dropped to the next day
745094     EML Files from a third party document application cannot be opened with GroupWise 80X
755759     GroupWise client hangsand  gives message about not responding with work in progress when mail contain pdf attachment
757829     Bug when opening encapsulated attachments
761818     Client crashing when opening attached mail
763450     GroupWise client hangs when copying attachment twice
764281     Crash when forwarding an item with personal attachments
766192     Saving attachment in client should remember last path used instead of defaulting to temp
766694     Client crash when opening attachments
768204     Client freezes when opening up particular items.
768440     "When viewing attachment (MS Word, OO, Libre, PDF, etc) Groupwise client hangs"
756079     Busy searches that use the Internet FreeBusy URL aren't working
758130     Internet Free Busy URL doesn't work with external resources
726415     Fake sender Id in caching mode
741981     Crash when you create a caching mailbox for first time
745718     "If client is left open long enough, it will eventually crash trying to do quickfinder indexing"
755799     Performing a find when proxied in from caching mode produces fewer results than when proxied in from Online Mode
773689     Client crash while in caching mode
736142     Multi-user calendar problems if using other than English language interface
750799     Shared calendars don't aggregate shared children
751817     GW 2012 client is unable to display the current date when using custom and self- made views
758925     Rights issues with private items
766480     Exporting calendar causes GW crash
736559     Problem(s) with embedded messages and ICAL
749131     Accept notification email displays the incorrect appointment time and time zone.
761323     All-day events exported a day early
737657     Reply-to-mail changes to appt with external recipient
754397     D11B errors when trying to move things around in a large checklist
764584     Integration add-in for Excel has wrong label
751064     "GroupWise client crashes when using ""find"" filter"
749613     Shared subfolders are not automatically created from shared parent folders
749663     Shared subfolder creation process is not consistent between Folder List and Panels
755110     Sharer and sharee cannot move folders which are more than 2 levels deep in folder structure
759709     Crash when trying to create a new calendar in a folder shared with me
717561     "Plain text view, using Calibri font on the subject line is smaller than other text"
764872     GroupWise doesn't show some extended characters in some HTML mails
740043     GroupWise client may leave a connection open if IM integration is enabled
742349     "If Novell Messenger is hung, Groupwise can hang"
667060     Folder names are not respected when importing messages from Outlook Express
748920     "After emptying deleted items from a folder, the deleted items are still in folder until exit and restart of client"
766030     "Using unattended install, GW client is not installed"
717348     Reply to mail in a shared folder ends up as a posted note
739065     Web site links in read email message do not work when clicked on
749944     GroupWise drops part of the email on sending
756088     Crash when trying to send
765116     Some messages display subject as square boxes in between each letter
767218     Message not sent to personal group
771263     Crash when opening a specific HTML email
775481     Client crash on mail send
677548     GroupWise opens EML messages as draft
752901     Email privacy fails on GW client
752938     Can not administer DL from client all the time - creates C006 error in POA log
756864     Crashes involving the Application Verifier
758150     Icon on task bar for Win7 when small icons are used need to be something different
770987     Crash when logging in to GW and having the application verifier running
733342     Hang while refreshing external calendar
771146     Problem with setting up multi-user calendar via proxy access
743205     INTL - notify does not popup when new mail arrives - German client
750451     Deleting mail from notify popup not reliable
751744     Unable to change Sent Items options in any language but English
771225     "Crash after clicking on ""Print"" option"
756487     Crash after clicking on Apply button in the Proxy Window
760904     QuickCorrect does not work properly for words containing extended characters
523976     Replying to exchange email using TNEF adds spaces to email
762741     Client shows the BC field information when a Reply format with include headers is set
759710     Unable to determine original Sender/Date Sent for attached messages when part of an encrypted message
718943     Simple signature in HTML message adds 2 lines between email body and signature
735137     IS_VIDEO_CAPABLE message is displayed in GW Client
759721     Crash after clicking on send button with the spell checker open
767153     Spell-check only the most recent reply
767798     Words added to dictionary in GW8 don't get updated after upgrading to GW2012
443838     "The Tools Options > Calendar option ""Set Always Available"" will cause the calendar to only display about 10 hours of the day"
754400     Groupwise client process remains open
757907     Geting innerweb login when viewing Vibe content from GroupWise
755722     Custom Mail Views are missing following client upgrade from 8.0.2 to 12.0.0
759151     Viewing html bodies with embedded pics is not working in GW12.
769338     "If an email with an attachment is signed, then the attachment icon will not display in item list"
Document Viewer Agent
746508     GWDVA is crashing
739552     """Storm"" of retraction messages."
744160     Unwanted appointment cancellation notice
597693     RBL not working when ipv6 is enabled
734169     Client is adding a ton of attachments that are meaningless
744170     File in the GWIA receive folder ties up conversion thread indefinitely
761386     GWIA stops accepting IMAP and HTTP connections
766656     All receive threads are consumed
769146     GWIA crashing
774493     Large socket numbers cause crashes
GW Timestamp Utility
747254     GWTMSTMP utility will crash if there is any extended character in the user ID
729062     Weekly appointment fails to generate RRULE acceptable to Exchange / Outlook
745629     Accepting an iCal appointment with options skips extended characters in a comment
760347     """Action"" is not displayed correctly when declining an external appoitment"
552085     Gateway Accounting Data does not work
759459     An error is shown when you try to install GWIA in a new GW System
764614     Update WebAccess snapin
747135     Language files are not copied into software distribution directory
744732     Problems with WebAccess after upgrade from OES2 in OES11
749719     Calendar items show 6 hours off in WebAccess on iPhones and Android Devices
756851     Users not getting prompted for password expiration warning in WebAccess
756859     Appointments off by one hour if using local workstation time
761312     WebAccess rpm install script is not working for SLES11
744148     "GroupWise Monitor ""add agent"" doesn't add agent to monitor window."
649685     8209 errors reported in POA log file
705002     Last Login time does not get updated in the user database
735001     Display the document that QuickFinder Indexing errors-out on
743871     POA crashes multiple times per day in WebAccess proxy
746115     All-day events in Calendar Web Host are off one day in all views
749894     POA is crashing on admin tasks
752672     Need additional POA logging to trap attachment download errors in mobility
755905     "POA via http is not displaying the SOAP threads when ""select all"" option is checked"
756850     POA crash - add reply text message
760176     Segment fault on POA
762889     C022 errors upgrade from 8
762908     Too many folders in cabinet crashes client
765147     Don't delete the last <process id>.pid file in the agents' log directory
765250     POA crash shows status as dead - add replyTextToMessage
765586     Crash when a TCP thread goes through a login using the pUser->settings of a main user
765954     Calendar Publisher - All day appt showing up 1 day early on weekly and daily view
767071     POA 2012 is crashing multiple times per day - SOAP/Datasync
767562     """Path not found"" error shows up after some idle time in WebAccess"
773442     POA crash
Protocol - IMAP
754401     GroupWise IMAP server (POA/GWIA) corrupts the mime header and message body
761698     GroupWise IMAP server (POA/GWIA) corrupts the MIME header and message body
Protocol - SOAP
736590     No decline return notification sent back to Exchange via POA to GWIA
737892     Can't handle special PAB groups
741368     SOAP messing up some data and causes problems with Datasync
741636     WebAccess error message when trying to delete a category
743645     Need the support to look up the SAB using userid
744051     Message list does not show all messages in mailbox
746081     Unable to login to a specific PO
749120     Spaces in a domain name cause problems for SOAP / WebAccess
749711     Support Internet FreeBusy URL for the System Address Book contacts
750781     Contacts added via GroupWise Web Services don't name complete until the client is restarted
756921     Add user password restriction & LDAP authentication information to log in requests
757566     GWAVA Retain unable to get address information
757839     Unable to create posted appointment on proxied account from WebAccess
757861     resolveRequest method is dropping BC recipients
757867     Editing contact note on GW clears contact note on iPhone
758900     Add the ability to log when a SOAP request is done
767787     Repeated field being added to item created by WebAccess
772229     SOAP not escaping ampersand characters in the xml file correctly
SDK / Object API
744801    "With customer's c3po installed, email addresses are not filled in"
753655    Trying to create an autodate appointment using Object Api puts the wrong times in
758160    Object api leaves a copy of the draft item in the trash instead of purging it
744549     Contact details information is blank in shared address book on Webaccess
741347     Some appointments after an auto-save are not being sent correctly
750971     Auto-save always uses the AM/PM time format
758096     """[D11A] More than 6000 fields"" error while attempting to save a draft"
735536     Multi-user calendar not displayed
742162     Appointments not displayed in calendar when changing view
742165     Connection failure message displays when switching views and all calendar items are hidden
749469     IFB information is not populating in WA
750511     WebAccess Calendar shows recurring appointment time incorrectly after Daylight Savings Time
751876     WebAccess shows appointment off by one hour
756043     Tooltip remain in the calendar area of busy search tab of the appointment compose
756672     WebAccess calendar default view is case sensitive on Linux
757881     Line appointment skips day
759392     Toolbar disappears
772023     Calendar empty when user has proxy calendar
732936     Support IFB URL for the System Address Book contacts
744139     Messages are truncated
749712     Internet FreeBusy is not working for external users in Personal Address Books
751206     GroupWise Compose loses tags while saving draft in plain-text view
751259     WA 2012 plain text messages lose all line breaks
752126     Javascript error prevents compose functionality when composing an appointment
755723     "Script error displayed in Compose windows when clicking in TO, CC and BC fields"
756667     Script error appears when going back to Appointment tab from Busy Search tab.
756691     Busy search is not displayed for CC: and BC: contacts
757808     Script error displayed in Compose windows when clicking send
758627     Pasting HTML text into HTML reply message causes duplicate paste entries
758641     Script error appears in IE when clicking cancel in the recurrence dialog of an appointment
761494     Internet FreeBusy support added to WebAccess doesn't work
762382     "Change font, size or color is not working correctly for IE9"
762435     "When a appt is sent with ""all-day event"" option, it causes a conflict message."
762441     Conflict check should ignore free-type appointments
764983     All the address are stacked in the compose window
773092     "Forwarding a message (inline, NOT as attachment) drops the HTML message body and hides the PDF attachment"
755702     "On ""New group"" window Group Name section appears with code"
758808     Unable to copy contacts in WebAccess
738834     Documents in folders are displayed without selecting them
749163     Find is broken
774044     WebAccess deletes wrong item from Find window
758059     Switching folders in GroupWise 2012 WebAccess will not display content
759714     Login page is displayed when accepting a shared folder named with extended characters
766667     Reply Requested - warning message should not be displayed when deleting a replied message
770097     Unselected checkboxes are deleted with delete option in Compose
689703     Version mismatch on webaccess
737895     After timeout - login should take you back to where you were in WebAccess
742302     Error while opening mail or appointment on IE on WebAccess
751013     "With post office security set to Low, users can log into the post office via WA"
754683     gwac.xml not working in current builds
757071     WebAccess spelling errors
759760     Please provide an option to log requests and responses for easier troubleshooting
763713     "When an appointment is sent with an attachment in it, the appointment is not delivered"
763718     "In Basic Interface, the users are not deleted form the Personal Address Book"
746480     General Options show the IDs of selected address books - instead of names
758601     Timezone detection when accessing WebAccess via Access Manager 3.1.4 is incorrect
733416     GroupWise WebAccess errors proxying into one account of many
743887     Proxy button is displayed in a proxy session
743889     Options -> Proxy tab is displayed in a proxy session
745103     Proxy access is not working
763757     Proxy to resources via WebAccess requires extra steps.
732166     """Conditions"" in a rule are not saved correctly"
763933     Signatures are not shown (during send or in options) if any signature has a double quote in the name
753426     JS Error when trying to spell check a word with no suggestions
745284     Message not showing correctly in WebAccess
749122     Copy from WebAccess provides spaced characters.
750883     Unable to save attachments when subject has a slash in it
758142     Error is displayed in the version window
759568     User sees some random attachments when composing a new mail
WebAccess Mobile
754119    The calendar shows incorrect priority information for tasks
746170    Cursor focus issue when replying to an email
748481    """Saving work in progress"" message underlaps toolbar"
748483    Saving an appt will sometimes lock up the browser
757431    Saving an appt will sometimes cause a hang on the browser
762171    Folder view breaks
763931    Keyboard does not retract on item send
742392    Scroll function in Find tab is not working properly
746193    Using find can sometimes freeze WA mobile
748133    Mass deleting items does not work
763727    Turning the tablet stops item list view from scrolling correctly
747697    "After initial login, items in the inbox don't always show"
747714    Items are not fully scrollable in landscape mode
750797    It is possible to select items in the background
751050    Android devices have issues opening PDFs when DVA is running
751317    Compose drop down does not function in the sent items folder
753819    Item View is broken on the iPad - none of the links work
754793    iPad: Changing screen orientation with an item open ruins item view
755493    Scroll bar is being pushed onto the screen
756048    Screen does not resize properly
757091    Changing screen orientation can ruin view
744439    Mutiple fields being populated at once
746164    Tab on onscreen keyboard will not move the cursor to the next field when logging in
747205    Blackberry Playbook can't take advantage of the mobile template
748966    .pdfs do not download correctly
750754    Add Galaxy Tab support
752317    Support attachment download on tablets with mobile interface
755297    Support attachment upload on tablets with mobile interface
763937    Option menu does not remove from the screen
764206    Unable to select the More button on bottom bar
778885    WebAccess loads the wrong template on Samsung
757875    Name completion only looks up FC book