60.3 Using the WebAccess Basic Interface on a Mobile Device

  1. To access GroupWise WebAccess in the Web browser on your mobile device such as a cell phone, use the following URL:


    Replace web_server_address with the IP address or DNS hostname of your Web server. If the Web server uses SSL, use https rather than http. The WebAccess Application detects that it is communicating with a mobile device such as a cell phone and provides the WebAccess basic interface.

  2. Enter your GroupWise user ID and GroupWise mailbox ID.

    The appearance of the WebAccess basic interface varies, depending on the size of the screen where it is displayed.

    WebAccess basic interface
  3. For more information about using WebAccess on your mobile device, see the WebAccess Basic Interface Quick Start.

  4. Follow the instructions in your mobile device’s documentation to add this URL to your Favorites or Bookmarks so you don’t need to type the URL every time you log in on your mobile device.

As an alternative to this limited interface, you can synchronize GroupWise data to your mobile device using the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack. For more information, see the Novell Data Synchronizer Documentation Web site.