40.38 ‑‑ldapipaddr

Specifies the LDAP server’s network address as either an IP address or a DNS hostname. You can specify multiple network addresses to provide failover capabilities for your LDAP servers. See Specifying Failover LDAP Servers (Non-SSL Only).

Linux POA

Windows POA


  • ‑‑ldapipaddr network_address
  • /ldapipaddr-network_address


  • ‑‑ldapipaddr
  • ‑‑ldapipaddr server1 server2
  • /ldapipaddr-
  • /ldapipaddr-server1 server2

If you specify multiple LDAP servers, use a space between each address. When so configured, the POA tries to contact the first LDAP server in order to authenticate a user to GroupWise. If that LDAP server is down, the POA tries the next LDAP server in the list, and so on until it is able to authenticate.

See also ‑‑ldapport, ‑‑ldapuser, ‑‑ldappwd, ‑‑ldapuserauthmethod, ‑‑ldapdisablepwdchg, ‑‑ldapssl, ‑‑ldapsslkey, and ‑‑ldaptimeout.