12.4 Auditing Mailbox License Usage in the Post Office

You can run an audit report in a post office to see:

A mailbox requires a full client license (and is marked as a full client license mailbox) if it has been accessed by any of the following:

A mailbox requires a limited client license only (and is marked as a limited client license mailbox) if access to it has been limited to the following:

A mailbox is considered active for licensing purposes if its owner has performed at least one of the following actions in the mailbox:

A mailbox is considered inactive for licensing purposes even if its owner has performed one or more of the following actions (or similar actions):

The mailboxes of GroupWise users and external entities require full client licenses.

To generate an audit report for the post office:

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and select the Post Office object.

  2. Click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Mailbox/Library Maintenance.

    Mailbox/Library Maintenance dialog box
  3. In the Action field, select Audit Report.

    Audit Report dialog box
  4. In the Log Accounts without Activity for nn Days field, select the number of days you want to use for the inactivity report.

    The Mailbox/Library Maintenance feature uses the default setting (60 days) to flag all mailboxes that have not had any activity within the last 60 days. Select a different number to change the time period of the log you generate for the audit report. For example, you could generate a log report for the last 30 days. However, if you view the audit information by using Tools > GroupWise Diagnostics > Information on a System, Domain, or Post Office object, the information is always listed for the 60-day default time period.

  5. (Conditional) If you want write the report to a log file, click the Logging tab, then specify a name for the log file.

    By default, the results are sent as an email message to the domain’s GroupWise administrator.

  6. (Conditional) If you want to send the results to additional users:

    1. Click the Results tab.

    2. Specify the users’ email addresses as a comma-delimited list in the CC field.

    3. Click Message to add personalized text to the message, then click OK.

  7. Click Run, then click OK to acknowledge that the Mailbox/Library Maintenance task has been sent to the POA.

    After the POA has performed the task, the audit report is generated in the format (log file or email message) you specified. The audit report lists all users who are currently considered inactive and flags those that have been inactive for longer than the number of days specified in the Log Accounts without Activity for nn Days field.

Audit reports are stored as part of the information available on Post Office and Domain objects in ConsoleOne. Right-click a Domain or Post Office object, then click Tools > GroupWise Diagnostics > Information. The information stored on the Domain object is cumulative for all post office in the domain for which audit reports have been run.

Audit reports can also be scheduled to run on a regular basis by properly configuring the POA to perform a Mailbox/Library Maintenance event. See Section 36.4.1, Scheduling Database Maintenance.