40.39 ‑‑ldapippooln

Specifies a pooled LDAP server’s network address as either an IP address or a DNS hostname. As many as five LDAP servers can participate together as a pool; therefore, n ranges from 1 to 5. See Configuring a Pool of LDAP Servers.

Linux POA

Windows POA


  • ‑‑ldapippooln network_address
  • /ldapippooln-network_address


  • ‑‑ldapippool1
  • ‑‑ldapippool2 server1
  • ‑‑ldapippool3
  • /ldapippool1-
  • /ldapippool2-server1
  • /ldapippool3-

See also ‑‑ldapportpooln, ‑‑ldapsslpooln, ‑‑ldapsslkeypooln, and ‑‑ldappoolresettime.