15.3 Creating a New Resource

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the container where you want to create the Resource object, then click New > Resource to display the Create GroupWise Resource dialog box.

    GroupWise Resource dialog box
  2. Fill in the following fields:

    Resource Name: Specify a descriptive name. Because the name is used as part of the resource’s GroupWise email address, do not use any of the following invalid characters in the resource name:

    ASCII characters 0-31

    Comma ,

    Asterisk *

    Double quote "

    At sign @

    Extended ASCII characters that are graphical or typographical symbols; accented characters in the extended range can be used

    Backslash \

    Parentheses ( )

    Braces { }

    Period .

    Colon :

    Slash /

    IMPORTANT:Characters that are valid and even desirable in a resource name, such as accented characters, might not be valid in an email address. For some resources, you might need to set up a preferred email ID in order to ensure that they have a valid email address. For instructions, see Section 16.7.1, Changing a Resource’s Internet Addressing Settings.

    GroupWise Post Office: Select the post office where the resource will be located.

    Owner: Select the user who will be responsible for accepting or declining requests to use the resource. The owner must have a GroupWise account on the same post office as the resource.

  3. Select Define Additional Properties, then click OK.

    Resource property page
  4. On the Identification page, fill in the following fields:

    Description: Specify a description to help users identify the use of the resource. The description is displayed if the user chooses to view information about the resource in the Address Book.

    If you define the resource type as a place, the description is automatically added to the Place field in the appointment. A good description can help users locate the place more easily.

    Visibility: Select the level at which the resource will be visible in the Address Book. System causes the resource to be visible to all users in your GroupWise system. Domain causes the resource to be visible to all users in the same domain as the resource. Post Office causes the resource to be visible to all users on the same post office as the resource. None causes the resource to not be visible at any level. However, even if the resource is not displayed in a user’s Address Book, he or she can schedule the resource by typing the resource name in an appointment’s To field.

    Resource Type: You can identify the resource as a general resource, as a place, or as a role. When a user schedules a place resource, the resource description is automatically added to the Place field in the appointment. A role resource is treated more like a user than a general resource or a place resource, and can be included in a Reply to All.

    Phone: If the resource has a telephone number associated with it, such as a conference room with a telephone number, specify the phone number.

    E-Mail Address: Displays the default email address for the resource. Click the drop-down list to specify a custom email address. For example, if you created a resource with spaces in its name, you need to remove the spaces to create a valid email address.

    View Client Options: Click View Client Options as a convenient shortcut for Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Client Options in order to modify client options for the currently selected resource. For more information, see Section 76.0, Setting Defaults for the GroupWise Client Options.

  5. Click OK to save the resource information.

  6. Skip to Section 16.1, Creating Rules for a Resource.