39.2 Configuring the Document Converter Agent (DCA)

By default, POA can index the file types listed in Oracle Outside In Technology Supported Formats.

In addition, the POA uses the Document Converter Agent (DCA) to index attached PDF files, OpenOffice files, and Microsoft Office 2007 files by converting these file types into HTML in order to index them. The POA decrypts attachment files and places them in the post_office/oftemp/gwdca/in directory. The DCA converts the files into HTML and moves them to the post_office/oftemp/gwdca/out directory, where the POA picks them up and performs QuickFinder indexing on the HTML version. Then the HTML version is deleted. The DCA reports errors in the mmdddca.nnn log file.

The DCA can occasionally fail to convert a document into HTML. By default, documents that fail the conversion into HTML are deleted from the post_office/oftemp/gwdca/in directory and are not indexed. However, you can configure the POA to quarantine failed attachments for further examination. Quarantined documents are moved to the post_office/oftemp/gwdca/problem directory and are not encrypted.

For security reasons, you should enable the quarantine only to collect sample problem documents in order to submit them to Novell for investigation. Then you should turn off the quarantine to reestablish appropriate security for attached documents.

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and right-click the POA object where you want to turn on the quarantine, then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > QuickFinder.

    QuickFinder property page
  3. Select Quarantine Files That Fail during Conversion, then click OK.

  4. Collect problem files for investigation.

  5. Disable the quarantine to return to normal POA operations with full security for attached files.

Corresponding Startup Switches: You can use the ‑‑nodca switch in the POA startup file to prevent the DCA from starting. You can use the --dcamaxsize and --dcamaxtime switches to control file size and processing time that the DCA dedicates to converting large files.

POA Web Console: You can see whether the quarantine is on or off on the Configuration page. If the POA Web console is password protected as described in Section 37.2.1, Setting Up the POA Web Console, you can control the maximum amount of time allowed for the conversion of a single document file and the maximum size of a document file for which conversion is attempted.

GroupWise Client in Caching Mode: When users from the Windows client are in Caching Mode, the DCA runs locally on their workstations. Temporary files are stored under the following directories on users’ workstations:

Windows 7:


Windows Vista:


Windows XP:

c:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Local Settings\Temp\gwdca

If temporary files accumulate in these directories, they can be safely deleted.