5.13 Check eDirectory Schema

GroupWise systems include GroupWise-specific objects that are not available in eDirectory until the eDirectory schema for the tree has been extended for these objects. Schema extension takes place automatically when you create a GroupWise system using the GroupWise Setup Advisor. You can check an eDirectory tree to determine whether its schema has been extended for GroupWise.

  1. In ConsoleOne, select a tree to check.

  2. Click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > Check eDirectory Schema.

    If the eDirectory tree has not yet been extended for GroupWise, the eDirectory Schema Extension dialog box lists the changes that are required for GroupWise.

  3. Click Yes to extend the schema for GroupWise so that you can create GroupWise objects in the selected tree.


    Click No if you decide you do not want to be able to create GroupWise objects in the selected tree.

If the schema of the tree has already been extended for GroupWise objects, a message notifies you of this and you can immediately create new GroupWise objects in the selected tree.