39.4 Controlling Maximum Document Conversion Size and Time

By default, the POA sends all attached documents for HTML conversion for indexing, regardless of the size of the document, and by default, the POA waits as long as 10 minutes to receive the HTML version.

You control the maximum document conversion size and time using startup switches in the POA startup file. After you edit the POA startup file, you must restart the POA in order to put the changes into effect.

Use the --dcamaxsize switch to restrict the size of documents that it sends for conversion. Set the --dcamaxsize switch to the maximum document size in kilobytes. For example, you would use 20480 for 20 MB.

Use the --dcamaxtime switch to change the amount of time the POA waits for the HTML version. Set the --dcamaxtime switch to the number of seconds that you want the POA wait. The default is 600 seconds.

These switches control how the POA hands off documents for HTML conversion, regardless of whether it is configured to use the DCA or the DVA.