12.8 Refreshing the Client View Files in the Post Office

The GroupWise Windows client software includes view files that control the appearance of the client interface. When you copy the client software to a software distribution directory, the view files are included. A copy of the view files is also stored in each post office.

When you use AutoUpdate to force Windows client software updates, as described in Section 77.1, Using GroupWise AutoUpdate and SetupIP to Distribute the GroupWise Windows Client, the AutoUpdate process makes one attempt to update the view files in the post office based on the latest client software in the software distribution directory. If that attempt fails, the problem is recorded in the POA log file and you can then manually update the view files in the post office.

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and select the Post Office object whose view files you want to update, then click Tools > GroupWise Utilities > System Maintenance.

    System Maintenance dialog box
  2. Select Refresh Views, click Run, click Yes, then click OK.

    The POA then retrieves the latest view files from the software distribution directory associated with the selected post office.

    IMPORTANT:If you have created custom view files with the same names as standard view files, they will be overwritten when the post office view files are refreshed from the software distribution directory. If you have such customized view files, you must back them up and then restore them so that your customizations are not lost because of the refresh.