13.1 GroupWise Windows Client

Substantial functionality has been added to the GroupWise Windows client to bring new convenience to frequently used features and to add new functionality. When you modify existing appointments by changing the subject, body text, attachments, and so on, changes display automatically in recipients’ Calendars. However, when you modify the date, time, or place, recipients have the opportunity to re-accept the appointment. Appointment modifications also carry through to delegated appointments. The Multi-User Calendar now includes week, month, and year views, with adjustable columns. Scheduling recurring appointments is much easier, as is editing attached documents. Those who share folders can enjoy sharing an entire folder tree in a single operation. Name completion remembers who you selected last time and displays the most relevant users first. Integrations have been added for Skype and the Windows 7 taskbar. Speller technology has been upgraded to provide higher quality for all supported languages.

For information about using new features in the GroupWise Windows client, click Help > What’s New, or see What’s New in the GroupWise 2012 Windows Client in the GroupWise 2012 Windows Client User Guide.

The following Windows client enhancements have been added for administrators: