14.5 Understanding GroupWise Client Updates

After a post office is updated to version 2012, users can run the GroupWise 2012 Windows client on workstations that meet the requirements listed in Section 2.2, GroupWise User Requirements. If necessary, they can also continue to run their older GroupWise Windows client, but they will not have GroupWise 2012 functionality.

IMPORTANT:Users who need to proxy into other users’ mailboxes should not update to the GroupWise 2012 Windows client until the proxy users’ post office has been updated to version 2012. GroupWise 2012 Windows client users cannot proxy into users’ mailboxes that have not been updated to GroupWise 2012.

For a list of new features in the GroupWise 2012 Windows client, see Section 13.0, What’s New in GroupWise 2012.