25.0 Updating Users’ GroupWise Windows Clients

After a post office is updated to GroupWise 2012, users who have accounts in that post office can start using the GroupWise 2012 Windows clients. You can give users access to a GroupWise 2012 software distribution directory, so that they can install the GroupWise client themselves, or you can use the other methods of client software distribution described in Distributing the GroupWise Windows Client in Client in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide.

When you used the GroupWise Installation program as described in Section 17.0, Installing the GroupWise 2012 Software, you had the opportunity to update one software distribution directory. To fully implement GroupWise 2012 throughout your GroupWise system, you must update all of your software distribution directories.

IMPORTANT:Before you update a software distribution directory, ensure that all post offices that use the software distribution directory have been updated. The GroupWise 2012 Windows client cannot access a post office that still uses an earlier version of GroupWise. Users who update to the GroupWise 2012 Windows client before their post office has been updated are locked out of the post office.

  1. To update a GroupWise software distribution directory to GroupWise 2012, follow the instructions in Updating a Software Distribution Directory in System in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide.

The GroupWise 2012 Windows client is available as part of the Linux GroupWise 2012 software image. For more information about installing the GroupWise 2012 Windows client from a Linux server, see Section 9.3.3, Installing the GroupWise Windows Client from the Linux GroupWise 2012 Software Image.