19.0 Updating Secondary Domains

After you have updated the primary domain in your GroupWise system, you can update secondary domains in your GroupWise system in any order that is convenient for you. For information about update issues that you should consider, see Section 14.4, Understanding Domain and Post Office Database Updates by the GroupWise Agents.

To update a secondary domain, you need to install the GroupWise 2012 MTA and run it for the domain. The MTA uses a new GroupWise 2012 version of the domain dictionary file (gwdom.dc) to update the database to version 2012.

IMPORTANT:The MTA for the domain that the secondary domain links to must be updated and running before you update each secondary domain. Each secondary domain must be updated before you update any post offices in the secondary domain.

  1. (Conditional) If you are updating a secondary domain on Linux, and if the GroupWise 2012 version of ConsoleOne and the GroupWise Administrator snap-ins are not yet installed on the server where the secondary domain is located, install them now, as described in ConsoleOne on Linux in System in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide.

    On Linux, it is very helpful to have ConsoleOne and the GroupWise Administrator snap-ins installed on each server where a domain is located. On Windows, ConsoleOne can conveniently be run on any Windows server or workstation where drives are mapped to servers where domains are located. On Linux, the process of mounting file systems to gain access to remote domain databases is not quite so straightforward as drive mapping is on Windows, so it is helpful to have a local installation of Linux ConsoleOne on each domain server.

  2. Stop the previous version of the GroupWise MTA in the secondary domain.

  3. Install the updated MTA software in the secondary domain, as described in Section 8.4, Setting Up the GroupWise Agents.

  4. Start the updated MTA in the secondary domain.

    This updates the domain database (wpdomain.db) to GroupWise 2012.

  5. Ensure that the database in the secondary domain is updated to the GroupWise 2012 version:

    1. In ConsoleOne, select the GroupWise System object, then select Domains in the drop-down list.

    2. (Conditional) If you have not already done so, click View > Edit Columns, move Database Version from the Available Fields list to the Selected Columns list, then click OK.

      ConsoleOne with database version listed

      When the database version for the secondary domains displays 12 (short for 2012), you are ready to proceed with the update process.

      IMPORTANT:Updating a large domain database can take 20 minutes or more. If you do not wait until the update runs to completion, you might encounter database versioning discrepancies. If such discrepancies occur, see MTA Fails to Update the Domain Database Version in Strategies for Agent Problems in GroupWise 2012 Troubleshooting 2: Solutions to Common Problems.

  6. To update post offices in the secondary domain, continue with Section 20.0, Updating Post Offices.


    To update additional GroupWise agents or applications in the secondary domain, see: