22.1 Installing the WebAccess Application

  1. Prepare the POA to work successfully with the WebAccess Application, as described in the following sections in Post Office Agent in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide:

  2. Stop the existing WebAccess Agent.

  3. (Conditional) On Linux, stop Tomcat.

    OES 11:

    rcnovell-tomcat6 stop

    OES 2 Linux:

    rcnovell-tomcat5 stop

    SLES 11:

    rctomcat6 stop

    SLES 10:

    rctomcat5 stop

    On Windows, the WebAccess Installation program does this for you.

  4. To update WebAccess to GroupWise 2012, follow the standard installation instructions in Section 5.0, Installing GroupWise WebAccess.

    IMPORTANT:If more than one Web-based GroupWise component (WebAccess, Calendar Publishing Host, and/or Monitor) is installed on the same server, you must update all Web-based GroupWise components at the same time.

    The Windows WebAccess Installation program detects additional Web-based GroupWise components on the server and leads you conveniently from the installation of one component to the next.

    On Linux, you must manually start the Installation program for each Web-based component on the server. After one existing Web-based component has been updated to GroupWise 2012, other Web-based components on the server do not work until they also are updated to GroupWise 2012.

  5. After you install GroupWise 2012 WebAccess, complete the following cleanup tasks: