14.1 Understanding How to Handle NetWare in Your Existing GroupWise System

GroupWise 2012 does not include GroupWise agents that run on NetWare, because NetWare has entered the Extended Support phase of the Novell Support Life cycle. For more information, see TID 7003092, NetWare Support, in the Novell Support Knowledgebase. If you do not have any NetWare servers in your GroupWise system, skip to Section 14.2, Understanding eDirectory Schema Extensions.

If you currently have NetWare servers in your GroupWise system, you must decide how to handle them as you move forward with your GroupWise 2012 update. You have several alternatives:

You might decide to use one or more of these alternatives as you update your GroupWise system to GroupWise 2012. Instructions for each alternative are provided in Section 15.0, Migrating Away from NetWare. However, it is important that you understand the overall update process before you begin making any changes to the servers in your existing GroupWise system.