15.3 Associating the GroupWise Bundle with Devices on Your Network

This section assumes that you already have all the workstations where you want to install the GroupWise Windows client software defined as devices in ZENworks Configuration Management.

  1. On the GroupWise Bundle page, click Relationships.

    Relationships tab of the GroupWise Bundle page
  2. In the Device Assignments box, click Add.

    Select Objects dialog box
  3. Display your available workstations and dynamic workstation groups.

    Select Objects diaolg box with workstations displayed
  4. Select the workstation where you want to test the GroupWise bundle, then click OK.

    Assign Bundle Shortcut Location page
  5. Select the locations where you want the GroupWise icon to display, then click Next.

    Assign Bundle Schedule page
  6. Select Distribution Schedule, then click Next.

  7. For testing purposes, select Now in the Schedule Type field.

    Assign Bundle Schedule with Now selected
  8. Select Install immediately after Distribution.

  9. Select Launch immediately after Installation.

  10. Click Next, review the bundle distribution summary, then click Finish to display the GroupWise bundle relationships with the selected workstation listed.

    Device Assignments list
  11. Continue with Testing the GroupWise Bundle on a Device.