8.10 Post-Migration Tasks for a Domain

  1. Check the Server Migration Utility log file to verify the success of the migration.

    The log file is named gwsvrmig_mmddyyyy_nnnn.log and is found in the utility installation directory if the utility can write to that location. Otherwise, it is found in the /temp directory. It provides a migration summary and a listing of all actions taking by the Server Migration Utility.

  2. If you see problems in the utility log file, check the GroupWise Database Copy utility (DBCopy) log file to obtain additional detail. The DBCopy log file is named mmddgwbk.nnn and is found in the domain directory on the Linux server.

  3. If the domain migration is not successful using the Server Migration Utility, migrate the domain manually, as described in Section 12.0, Manually Migrating a Domain and Its MTA to Linux.

  4. Check the migrated agent startup files (domain.mta, gwia.cfg, and webac70a.waa in the /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share directory on the Linux server) to see if any startup switches have been commented out during migration, and as needed, adjust them for the new Linux environment.

    The Server Migration Utility comments out any startup switches whose values contain NetWare or Windows paths or the IP address of the source server.

  5. If the domain has gateways, leave them where they are on the source server or consolidate them onto a single NetWare or Linux server.

    GroupWise gateways cannot be migrated to Linux because there are no versions that run on Linux. You must keep them on the platform where they are currently running. If you set up a domain solely for gateways on your source platform and set up all gateways in that domain, it simplifies gateway administration after the rest of your GroupWise system has been migrated to Linux.

  6. If you want to use the Monitor Agent to monitor the migrated agents on Linux, migrate the Monitor Agent manually.

    See Section 15.0, Manually Migrating Monitor to Linux.

  7. When you are completely finished with your migration to Linux, see Section 9.0, What’s Next for information about cleaning up the servers that you are no longer using for GroupWise.