1.6 Timing Out from GroupWise WebAccess

Specific GroupWise actions, such as opening or sending an item, generate a call to the Web server. Other actions, such as scrolling through items in the Item List, composing a message without sending it, or reading Help topics, do not generate a call to the Web server. If, for a period of time, you don’t perform any actions that generate a call, GroupWise logs you out to ensure security for your email.

The default timeout period is 20 minutes if you are using WebAccess on a public or shared device. If you are using WebAccess on a private device the default timeout period is 480 minutes (8 hours). However, your GroupWise administrator can change the timeout period for your organization’s GroupWise system. If you try to perform an action after you have been logged out, you are prompted to log in again.

To prevent frequent timeouts, and to ensure that you have the latest information in your Mailbox, tap in the Item List Toolbar.