37.4 Securing Document Conversion with SSL Connections

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures secure communication between the DVA and other programs (WebAccess Application, POA, and DVA console) by encrypting the complete communication flow between the programs. By default, SSL is not enabled for the DVA.

For background information about using SSL with GroupWise agents, see Section 90.2, Server Certificates and SSL Encryption. The server where the DVA is installed must have a public certificate file and private key file before you can enable SSL for the DVA.

NOTE:When you enable SSL for the DVA, any POAs that it communicates with must also be enabled for SSL.

  1. Open the startup.dva file in a text editor.

  2. Search to find the following switch:

  3. Remove the semicolon (;) to activate the setting.

  4. For subsequent switches:

    1. Specify the full path name to the SSL public certificate file.

      The DVA requires that the certificate file be in PEM format.

    2. Specify the full path name to the SSL private key file.

    3. Specify the password for the private key file.

  5. Save the startup.dva file.

  6. Skip to Section 37.6, Putting DVA Configuration Changes into Effect.