52.5 Adding User Photos to the System Address Book

User photos can be added to the System Address Book. When they are added, they can be viewed in address books, when selecting user through name completion, in the header when viewing items that you have received, and other places where you can view users. Photos can be added through the admin console in the following ways:

  • During user import from LDAP: In the Admin Console > System > User Import, if you select Import User Photo and the user has a photo associated with their LDAP account, the photo will be imported and used in GroupWise.

  • Associating a GroupWise user to an LDAP object: If you have a user that was created in GroupWise and associate them to an LDAP user that has a photo connected to their LDAP account, it will associate that photo with the GroupWise user. This is done through the Admin Console > Users > (select a specific user) > More > Associate.

  • Adding the image through the user’s properties page: In the user’s properties page, you can click the Edit option that appear when you hover over the image in the top left of the page to edit the user’s photo. The user’s properties page is found in the Admin Console > Users > (select a specific user).

NOTE:When you upload photos to the System Address Book, they are automatically sized to 64 pixels x 64 pixels by GroupWise, so the size of the original photo does not matter. You may want to make sure that the photo sizes properly to this size before uploading.

If you would like users to be able to add or edit their own photos, you can enable this functionality in their client:

  1. Go to the Admin Console > (select domain or post office) > Client Options > Environment > Address Book.

  2. Select Allow update of picture in the System Address Book.

  3. Click OK.

This will allow users to change their photo that is displayed in the System Address Book. If a user updates their photo, it is only stored in GroupWise and does not sync back to a directory.