5.1 NetWare Prerequisites

In order for the Server Migration Utility to run successfully, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • A drive is mapped to the NetWare Server.

    From the Windows workstation where you are running the Server Migration Utility, you need access to the source NetWare server where the folder structure for the post office or domain is located. This enables the Server Migration Utility to copy the GroupWise data from the source server and to identify existing agent startup files on the source server to transfer to Linux.

  • The NCPFS package is installed on the Linux server.

    The NCPFS package enables the Server Migration Utility to create a NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) file system mount of the source NetWare server to the destination Linux server.

  • The GroupWise Linux software is available. It must be the same GroupWise version that is installed on the source server.

    To prepare for the migration, the Server Migration Utility needs to copy the GroupWise agent and utility RPMs from an existing software location to a temporary location on the destination Linux server. You must use the version of GroupWise software that matches the version of GroupWise that is already installed. You cannot use the GroupWise Server Migration Utility to upgrade post offices and domains from an earlier version of GroupWise during the server migration process.

    A GroupWise 8 software distribution directory on a NetWare server does not contain GroupWise Linux software unless you have placed it there from a GroupWise 8 for Linux software image or software distribution directory.

  • The Novell Client and ConsoleOne are installed on the Windows workstation.

    If you are running the Server Migration Utility at the workstation where you typically administer GroupWise, these programs are already available. If they are not available on your current workstation, you can obtain them from:

  • The ssh daemon is running on the Linux server with ssh enabled for the root user.

    The ssh daemon is a secure shell program that allows the Server Migration Utility to log in to the destination Linux server as root and execute programs there. At the Linux server, use the following command to verify that the ssh daemon is running:

    ps -eaf | grep sshd

    If it is not running, use the following command to start it:

    /etc/init.d/sshd start

    You must also ensure that processes from outside the server’s firewall can communicate with the ssh daemon. In YaST, click Security and Users > Firewall. Click Next until you reach the list of available services on the server. Ensure that Secure Shell (ssh) is selected, then click Next until you reach the end of the firewall configuration process. Click Continue to save your settings and restart the firewall.

  • The GroupWise client is installed on the Windows workstation.

    After you have done the initial copy of a post office and started the Linux POA, you use the GroupWise client to ensure that the user in the migrated post office can connect to his or her Online mailbox on the destination Linux server and that the mailbox contents have been transferred.

  • Adequate disk space is available on the Linux server for the migration.

    Depending on how you want to set up your backup procedure for the domain or post office on Linux, you might need double the disk space occupied by the domain or post office so that you can maintain a current copy of the domain or post office to run your backup software against. To consider backup alternatives on Linux, see the Novell Partner Product Guide.