8.4 Preventing an Internet Agent Port Conflict

For background information about this issue, see Handling the Potential Internet Agent Port Conflict.

If you are migrating the GWIA, the Server Migration Utility helps you avoid a potential port or IP address conflict between the GWIA and Postfix, a common Linux mail program.

Internet Agent Port Conflict page
  1. Specify the IP address of the Linux server.


    Select I have disabled Postfix on the Linux server.

    If you select this option, ensure that Postfix is disabled. If it is not, the GWIA cannot start at the end of the migration process. If you did not disable Postfix during the planning stage, see Handling the Potential Internet Agent Port Conflict.

  2. Click Next to display a list of manual tasks for you to complete before the Server Migration Utility can start the domain migration.

    Domain Preparation page
  3. Leave the Server Migration Utility running while you perform the list of tasks.

  4. Continue with Modifying Configuration Information in ConsoleOne.