1.1 Mount Commands

When you migrate a post office or a domain, the Server Migration Utility prompts you for some basic system information about the source and destination servers, then sets up the connection between your NetWare or Windows server and your Linux server. From the system information you provide, the utility constructs the appropriate mount commands:


ncpmount -m -A server_address -S server_name -V volume 
                    -U full_user_ID -P password /mount_point


smbmount //server_name/share_name /mount_point 
                    -o username=user_id,password=password
cifs.mount //server_name/share_name /mount_point 
                    -o username=user_id,password=password

The Server Migration Utility also handles establishing a connection with the ssh (secure shell) daemon on Linux. This connection enables the Server Migration Utility to log in to the destination Linux server as root and execute programs there.