1.2 Software Management

During the server migration, the Server Migration Utility needs access to a GroupWise software image for GroupWise for Linux for your version of GroupWise. You must use the media for the version of GroupWise that is already installed on your system. You cannot upgrade to a new version of GroupWise as you migrate from one platform to another.

IMPORTANT:If you are planning on upgrading as part of the server migration, you should upgrade your existing system first, if it is on an operating system supported by the newer version, then perform the server migration.

If your GroupWise system is currently on NetWare and you are upgrading to GroupWise 2014, you must migrate to Linux or Windows first, then upgrade to GroupWise 2014, because NetWare is not supported for GroupWise 2014.

The Server Migration Utility copies a number of GroupWise agent and utility RPMs (Linux installation programs) to the destination Linux server. The RPMs are stored in a temporary location of your choosing and can be deleted by the utility after the server migration is completed.

The Server Migration Utility uses the ssh connection to the Linux server to run the RPMs on the Linux server as if it were the root user. All aspects of GroupWise installation and administration require root user permissions.