1.0 Overview

GroupWise Web Services Events is an extension of GroupWise Web Servicesthat provides access to events or actions that occur on a GroupWise user's mailbox. Using events, developers can be notified in real time when a specific event occurs on a mailbox. In other words, GroupWise Web Services Events is a Web Service (similar to GroupWise Web Services) that allows you to programmatically configure and retrieve specific GroupWise events that have occurred on a user's mailbox.

For example, if you want to track when an item is deleted in a GroupWise user's mailbox, you create an Event Configuration that tracks deleted items. During the configuration, you can provide an IP address and a port on which to be notified when the specific event occurs. After you’re notified, you can then take the appropriate action.

It is important to note that the events are only tracked on the user’s mailbox. A user can have shared folders and shared personal address books that are shared from another user. When an item is changed in one of these folders or personal address books, the change is happening on the other user's mailbox. The event will be recorded in that user’s mailbox. There will not be an event for the user that has the shared folder or personal address book shared with them. For example, User A has a folder (FolderX) shared to him from User B. An item (ItemY) is deleted from that folder. User A will not get an event. User B will get an event saying that ItemY was deleted.

GroupWise Web Services Events uses industry standards such as XML, SOAP, and HTTP for requests and responses from the GroupWise POA. The GroupWise Events schema defines the methods and objects that are used with the GroupWise POA. The GroupWise Web Services Events schema definition file (WSDL) provides the tools you need to hook into IDE frameworks that support Web Services.

GroupWise Web Services provides access to read and modify user’s mailbox data through the same industry standards that are used in GroupWise Web Services Events. GroupWise Web Services Events and GroupWise Web Services can and should be used together. To learn more about GroupWise Web Services, see GroupWise SDK: Web Services (SOAP).