79.1 Customizing the GroupWise Web Login Page

By modifying GroupWise Web settings in the GroupWise Administration Console, you can customize the GroupWise Web login page for your organization. The customization includes the ability to change the title, logo, and background. Changes do not need to be all inclusive. You can change one of the three Customization options, all three options, or a combination thereof.

To customize the GroupWise Web login page:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console and navigate to System > GroupWise Web > Customization tab.

  2. Add a new title in the Title field. This will overwrite the product name or a previously modified title.

  3. Add a URL for the Logo image file.

    The preferred image size is 70 x 70 pixels or a multiple thereof. The 70 pixel height is always enforced, but you can use an image up to 230 pixels in width.

    We recommend that you only use text in the Title field as opposed to the logo image, as the text will scale and wrap when transitioning to smaller screens.

  4. Add a URL for the background image file.

    The background image is designed with a 16:9 aspect ratio to accommodate the common 1920x1080 pixel screen resolution, so that ratio is recommended. Note that the right-side of the image gets cropped when viewing on a smaller screen, such as on a mobile device.

  5. Click OK to save the changes.

  6. Run the GroupWise Web Configuration Utility in the Docker container to incorporate the changes. For information about running the utility, see Downloading and Running the Web Configuration Utility in the GroupWise Installation Guide.

    Once the changes are updated via the Web Configuration Utility, applicable image files and the title change are immediately available for logins to GroupWise Web.

    NOTE:If any of the Customization options (Title, Logo URL, or Background URL) have empty fields when the Web Configuration Utility is run, the system defaults will be applied to the login page for those fields.

HINT:When configuring the Customization settings, you should account for and possibly test the appearance of the login screen from different device types. For example, desktop versus mobile devices. Image file types are accepted according to browser compatibility.