19.0 Viewing and Managing Contacts

You can do the following in GroupWise Web:

  • View the System Address Book and the contacts it contains.


  • View, create, edit, copy, move, and delete the Frequent Contacts and Personal Address Book items.

  • Click the Contacts tab in the menu bar.

  • In the Address Book list select GroupWise Address Book, Frequent Contacts, or your own address book.

    Clicking an Address Book name refreshes the list of contacts.

    Contacts are listed on the right, and you can distinguish contact types by their associated icons, as shown below:


    Contact Type

    Contact (person)




  • Filter to find the contact you are looking for by using the Filter box at the top of the contact list. Loading displays while the filter request is processed. No Items to display means that filtering yielded nothing to report.

  • Click a contact or group to display its basic information.

  • Double-click a contact or group in Frequent Contacts or your personal folder.

    In this mode you can add and edit contact information which varies according to contact type. For example, for a person contact, you can left-click the picture box under the Contact tab and add, change, or remove an avatar image (not applicable to contacts that are shared to you).

    NOTE:Contacts in the GroupWise Address Book and all proxy-sessions are read-only, but you can modify contact information within Frequent Contacts, your personal address books, and address books that are shared with you that have editing enabled by the owner.

    After modifying the information, click Save to modify the contact on the GroupWise server, or Cancel to close the details pane without saving changes.

  • Mouse-over the Create button in Contacts and click Contact or Group, to create a new contact or new group, respectively. Fill-in the required information and click Save to create the new contact or group.

    If you click Create without using the mouse-over option, the default creation window will be for a new contact.

  • Do any of the following to any Personal Address Book contact (person contact, group, resource, or organization), by using the icons in the toolbar:

    • Remove a contact from Frequent Contacts or your personal address book by selecting the item and clicking the Delete icon .

    • Copy a contact from Frequent Contacts to your personal address book, or vice versa, by selecting the item and clicking the Copy icon .

    • Move a contact from Frequent Contacts to your personal address book, or vice versa, by selecting the item and clicking the Move icon .

    For information about how selecting multiple items works with the actions above, see Multi-Selecting List Items.