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GroupWise Calendar Publishing Quick Start

April 2024

GroupWise Calendar Publishing is a Web-based feature that allows GroupWise and non-GroupWise users to view calendars of GroupWise users in a web browser. Users can view calendars, or download them to a calendar application. GroupWise Calendar Publishing is available from any web browser.

This quick start provides a guide to GroupWise Calendar Publishing and assists non-GroupWise users to navigate the web site.

1.0 Getting Started

Go to the GroupWise Calendar Publishing web site:


Replace web_server with the web site location (host name or IP address) of the Calendar Publishing Host as defined by your system administrator.

A list of user names and calendars is displayed. If there are more than 25 calendars, click Display Next to view the additional calendars.

When you locate the calendar you want, you can choose from several options.

2.0 Downloading a Calendar

You can download a calendar for import into another calendar application. The downloaded calendar does not automatically check for updates, so you need to manually check the original calendar and download it again if necessary. The calendar is downloaded in the GMT time zone. Your application needs to convert it to the correct time zone.

  1. Click Download next to the calendar you want to download.

  2. Click Save As and save the file to a location of your choice.

  3. Import the saved file into your calendar application.

3.0 Subscribing to a Calendar

Subscribing to a calendar allows you to not only import the calendar to your calendar application, but it also provides continuous updates. The subscribed calendar is automatically updated based on the time settings you have specified. The file used to subscribe is in the GMT time zone. Your application needs to convert it to the correct time zone.

  1. Click Subscribe next to the calendar you want to subscribe to.

  2. Select the program that you want to use to subscribe.

  3. Specify a name for the calendar.

  4. Specify how often you want the calendar to be updated.

  5. Click OK.

4.0 Displaying a Calendar

Calendars can also be displayed directly if you do not or cannot display them in your calendar application.

To display a calendar, click the name of the calendar to open it.

Calendars are read-only and no changes can be made to them from this page.

From the displayed view, you can view the scheduled appointments or print the calendar. You can also change the view to show the day, week, or month.

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