2.5 Configuring the Internet Agent for SMTP Relay to Support SMS Push

By default, GroupWise Mobile Server uses Network Push by way of TCP/IP over port 3102 to push update notifications to your mobile device. Network Push maintains an open connection between GroupWise Mobile Server and your mobile device, and pushes update notifications to your mobile device whenever your device needs to synchronize.

As a backup to Network Push, you can enable SMS Push, which allows your mobile device to receive update notifications even when the permanent connection to GroupWise Mobile Server is not available. SMS Push notifications are sent by way of SMTP over port 25 to an e-mail address that corresponds to your mobile device. SMS Push notifications also inform your mobile device whenever it needs to synchronize. However, synchronization cannot occur until the network connection is once again available.

If you want to use SMS Push for device synchronization with GroupWise mailboxes, you must configure the GroupWise Internet Agent as a relay host to allow relaying of SMS messages through the Internet Agent to your mobile device.

IMPORTANT:Before you implement SMS Push, make sure that your phone carrier supports it. Also be aware that with SMS Push, update notifications arrive to your mobile device as SMS messages, which can be quite expensive on some phone plans, especially if you travel abroad.

If you want to enable SMS Push, you can configure SMTP relaying at three levels of security:

For security reasons, NovellĀ® recommends either a domain-based SMTP relay or an e-mail SMTP relay. If an open SMTP relay is selected, anyone can relay through your Internet Agent, which can create security issues.

For instructions on setting up an SMTP relay in the Internet Agent, see Enabling SMTP Relaying in Internet Agent in the GroupWise 8 Administration Guide.

After you have installed GroupWise Mobile Server, platform specific instructions are available for configuring GroupWise Mobile Server for SMS Push in: