4.1 Monitoring and Configuring the Device Sync Agent

You use the Mobility Admin console to monitor and configure the Device Sync Agent.

  1. In your web browser, access the Mobility Admin console at the following URL:


    Replace mobility_server_address with the IP address or DNS hostname of the server where the Mobility Service is installed.

  2. Log in as the Mobility administrator (the LDAP Admin user that was set up during installation, or root).

    The sync agents should display a status of Running.

  3. If the Device Sync Agent is not running and does not start normally, refer to Section A.4, Device Sync Agent Troubleshooting for assistance.

  4. In the Mobility Admin console, click Config, then click Device Sync Agent to display the Device Sync Agent Configuration page.

For more information about the Mobility Admin console, see Section 1.0, GroupWise Mobility Administration Console.