2.4 Using MCheck

You can use MCheck to perform the following actions:

  • Gather configuration settings for your Mobility system.

  • Verify that the contents of the GroupWise Address Book have synchronized to the Mobility system.

  • Verify the Mobility SSL configuration

  • Verify that the contents of a GroupWise user’s mailbox have synchronized to the Mobility system.

  • Remove a user that was originally added using the Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack software to either the GroupWise Connector or the Mobility Connector, but not both.

  • Remove old event configurations.

  • Decouple group members from an LDAP group in Mobility.

To run MCheck:

  1. In a terminal window on the Mobility server, become root by entering su - and the root password.

  2. Change to the following directory:

  3. Run the following command:

    python mcheck.pyc

    The main MCheck menu displays.

    1 System
    2 Users
    0 Exit
    Select Option:
  4. Type the number for the action that you want to perform.

    1 System
      1 Get Mobility Configuration
      2 GroupWise System Address Book Check
      3 SSL Check
    2 Users
      1 Check User
      2 Remove Old Event Configurations
      3 Decouple LDAP Group Members
  5. View the MCheck log file for results and recommendations.

    A log file for each action is created in the following directory:



    Log File Name

    Gather configuration settings


    Verify the GroupWise Address Book


    Verify the user’s mailbox


    Veritfy the Mobility SSL settings


    Remove event configurations


    Decouple LDAP group members