Specifies a startup file to use. You can add any of the WebAccess Agent startup switches to the startup file and then reference the file when starting the WebAccess Agent. For example:

load sys:system\gwinter @webac65a.waa

During installation of the WebAccess Agent, the Installation program creates a default startup file, agent_name.waa, where agent_name is the name assigned to the WebAccess Agent (for example, webac65a.waa). On NetWare and Windows, the agent_name.waa file is created in the same directory as the WebAccess Agent program. On Linux, it is created in the /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share directory

The startup file is referenced from the strtweb.ncf file on NetWare, the grpwise-wa script on Linux, and the strtweb.bat file on Windows, which enables you to run strtweb.ncf, grpwise-wa, or strtweb.bat to start the WebAccess Agent.