Configuring the GroupWise Service Provider

The GroupWise® service provider is installed and configured when you install the WebAccess Application to a Web server. The GroupWise service provider receives GroupWise requests from the WebAccess Application and communicates with the WebAccess Agent to fill the requests.

The WebAccess installation program creates a Novell® eDirectoryTM object for the GroupWise service provider in the same context as the WebAccess Application. The object is named GroupWiseProvider. Using ConsoleOne®, you can modify the GroupWiseProvider object to:

To modify the GroupWise service provider's configuration:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the GroupWise service provider object (GroupWiseProvider), then click Properties.

    NOTE:  The GroupWise service provider object is not available in the GroupWise View. To locate the GroupWise service provider object, you must use the Console View.

  2. If necessary, click Provider > Environment to display the Environment page.

    Environment property page
  3. Choose from the following options:

    Timeout for Busy Search: Select how long you want the GroupWise service provider to wait for the WebAccess Agent to return information when a user performs a Busy Search.

    Configuration File: The WebAccess Agent's configuration file (commgr.cfg) contains the agent's IP address and the encryption key required by the GroupWise service provider to communicate with the WebAccess Agent. By default, the commgr.cfg file is stored in the WebAccess Application's home directory (novell\webaccess on the Web server or /opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess on Linux).

    In general, you should not need to change this setting. However, if you have multiple WebAccess Agents in your GroupWise system and you are optimizing WebAccess to provide greater scalability and availability, you might need to change the setting. For information, see Configuring Redirection and Failover Support.

    GroupWise WebAccess Agents: This list displays the WebAccess Agents the GroupWise service provider can communicate with when attempting to complete a request. If the first one listed is unavailable, the GroupWise service provider will attempt to use the second, third, fourth, and so on until it is successful. This provides failover support and ensures greater availability for your WebAccess users. For more information about optimizing availability, see Configuring Redirection and Failover Support.

    The list must include at least one WebAccess Agent.

    To add a WebAccess Agent to the list, click Add to browse for and select the WebAccess Agent object, then click OK.

    To edit a WebAccess Agent's information, select the WebAccess Agent in the list, then click Edit.

    To remove a WebAccess Agent from the list, select the WebAccess Agent in the list, then click Delete.

    Customize Settings in XML: Click this button to launch the XML editor. You can use the editor to add, modify, or delete GroupWise service provider settings.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.