Configuring the LDAP Service Provider

The LDAP service provider is installed and configured when you install the WebAccess Application to a Web server. The LDAP service provider receives LDAP directory requests from the WebAccess Application and communicates with LDAP services to fill the requests.

The GroupWise® WebAccess installation program creates a Novell® eDirectoryTM object for the LDAP service provider in the same context as the WebAccess Application. The object is named LDAPProvider. Using ConsoleOne®, you can modify the LDAPProvider object to define the LDAP services that the service provider can contact.

To modify the LDAP service provider's configuration:

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the LDAP service provider object (LDAPProvider), then click Properties.

    NOTE:  The LDAP service provider object is not available in the GroupWise View. To locate the LDAP service provider object, you must use the Console View.

  2. If necessary, click Provider > Environment to display the Environment page.

    Environment property page
  3. Choose from the following options:

    Configuration File: The LDAP service provider's configuration file (ldap.cfg) contains the information for the LDAP services defined in the LDAP servers list. Because the LDAP service provider cannot access eDirectory or the GroupWise databases for this information, ConsoleOne writes the information to the ldap.cfg file.

    By default, the ldap.cfg file is stored in the WebAccess Application's home directory (novell\webaccess on the Web server or /opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess on Linux). You should avoid changing the location of the file. If you do change the location of the file, you need to make sure to modify the ldap.cfg path in the Java servlet engine's properties file. If you do not, the LDAP service provider will continue to look for its configuration information in the old location.

    LDAP Servers: This list displays the LDAP services the LDAP service provider can communicate with. The GroupWise WebAccess Address Book will list all LDAP services shown in the list.

    To add an LDAP service to the list, click Add to display the Add LDAP Server dialog box, fill in the required information, then click OK. For information about each of the fields, click Help in the Add LDAP Server dialog box.

    To edit an LDAP service's information, select the LDAP service in the list, then click Edit.

    To remove an LDAP service from the list, select the LDAP service in the list, then click Delete.

    Customize Settings in XML: Click this button to launch the XML editor. You can use the editor to add, modify, or delete LDAP service provider settings.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.