Blocked.txt File

ConsoleOne creates a blocked.txt file that includes all the hosts that have been added to the Prevent Messages From exceptions list for the default class of service (see Controlling User Access).

You can manually edit the blocked.txt file to add or remove hosts. To maintain consistency for your system, you can also copy the list to other Internet Agent installations.

To manually edit the blocked.txt file:

  1. Open the blocked.txt file in a text editor.

  2. Add the host addresses.

    The entry format is:


    where address is either a hostname or an IP address. You can block on any octet. For example:

    IP Address Blocks


    Any IP address ending with 34


    Any IP address starting with 172.16 and ending with 34


    Any IP address starting with 172.16 and any octet from 10 to 34

    You can block on any segment of the hostname. For example:

    Hostname Blocks


    * (but not itself)

    There is no limit to the number of IP addresses and hostnames that you can block in the blocked.txt file

  3. Save the file as blocked.txt.