Monitoring a GroupWise System in a Microsoft Cluster

GroupWise® Monitor is similar to WebAccess in that it relies on a Web server for communication with administrators' Web browsers. Consequently, the setup procedure for GroupWise Monitor in a Microsoft cluster is similar to the setup procedure for WebAccess. If you have set up WebAccess in your clustered GroupWise system, you should already have the skills necessary to set up GroupWise Monitor as well.

When you first install Monitor, it gathers information about agents to monitor from a domain database (wpdomain.db). This provides the resource group IP address of each agent. When an agent fails over or migrates to a different node, its status in Monitor displays as Not Listening until it is up and running again, at which time its status returns to Normal.

Because Monitor must use resource group IP addresses to monitor the agents in a clustered GroupWise system, the Discover Machine and Discover Network options do not work in a cluster. Resource group IP addresses cannot be obtained by examining the network itself. If you need to add agents to monitor, use the Add Agent option and provide the agent's resource group IP address.

For instructions on setting up GroupWise Monitor, see "Installing GroupWise Monitor" in the GroupWise 6.5 Installation Guide.