GroupWise Check Error Codes

01 Memory initialization error
02 WPHOST.DB database read error
03 Record read error
04 User record has no DS_HOST_NAME
05 User record has no DS_OBJ_TYPE
06 User record has no DS_FID
07 User record has no DS_USER_NETID
08 User database read error
09 Message database read error
10 Message record read error
11 Unable to start database transaction
12 Record failed commit
13 Record failed modify
14 Record delete failed commit
15 Record failed delete
16 User does not exist in post office
17 Post office does not exist in domain
18 Message database open error
19 WPHOST.DB database open error
20 User record has no DS_DOMAIN_NAME
21 Unable to decrypt database
23 Unable to rename file for rebuild backup
24 Path modify error
25 Database create error
26 Database rebuild error
28 User file already exists or current file inaccessible
29 User database close error
30 User database not found
31 Exclusive access denied to user database
32 User database open error
33 Error initializing database engine code
34 Unable to get post office information
35 Memory allocation error
36 Message database not found
37 Exclusive access denied to message database
38 Error writing message record as user outbox item
39 Error writing message record as user inbox item
41 All substitute filenames used for rename of database
42 Invalid database; truncated to nn bytes
43 Dictionary file missing; cannot continue
44 Database invalid due to security breach
47 Error in library sync with host
48 Orphaned QuickFinder index file
49 Invalid QuickFinder index file
50 Orphaned blob file
51 Invalid blob file
52 Blob file missing trailer
53 Blob file truncated to 0 bytes
61 Error adding system document type definition
62 Error reading system document type definition
63 Unable to update during check error code
64 Unable to complete verify during check error code
65 Unable to add default system document types
66 Unable to correct document display name
67 Unable to correct element without version object
68 Unable to synchronize document security
69 Unable to correct document without version object
70 Unable to correct version without document
71 Unable to correct version without element
72 Invalid user specified for orphan document reassignment
73 Unable to remove document storage area
74 Unable to move all blobs; storage area cannot be removed
75 Unable to move blob
76 Error accessing document content
77 Error accessing blob for official version distribution list
78 Error accessing blob for current version distribution list
79 Error accessing blob for version distribution list