Message Is Dropped in the problem Directory in the Post Office

Problem:  In the Statistics box in an agent console, you notice that some problem messages or message errors have been encountered.

Explanation:  Problem messages are message files that cannot be processed by the agents for a variety of reasons. Each file has an extension that indicates which agent (POA or MTA) placed the file in the post_office\wpcsout\problem directory.

Action:  If GroupWise® is currently set up to mail problem messages to the GroupWise administrator, check the mailbox of the GroupWise administrator for messages with problem message files attached. Follow the instructions in the message for handling the problem files.

Action:  Sometimes a problem file can be handled successfully if requeued. Place the file into the proper priority 0 subdirectory, as indicated by the extension on the message file. Placing it in the 0 subdirectory gives it high priority for reprocessing. If conditions have changed on the network, the message might be able to be processed.

If the message still cannot be processed after being requeued, it has been damaged in some way that makes it unreadable. This should happen only very rarely.

Action:  If your GroupWise system reports a large number of problem messages, you should determine what is causing the damage. See Novell® Support.