49.4 Using an SNMP Management Console

The Internet Agent can be monitored through an SNMP management console, such as the one provide with Novell® ZENworks® Server Management.

Before you can monitor the Internet Agent through an SNMP management console, you must compile the Internet Agent’s MIB (Management Information Base) file. The Internet Agent’s MIB file, named gwia.mib, is located in the agents\snmp directory on the GroupWise 7 Administrator CD or in the GroupWise software distribution directory.

The MIB file contains all the Trap, Set, and Get variables used for communication between the Internet Agent and management console. The Trap variables provide warnings that point to current and potential problems. The Set variables allow you to configure portions of the application while it is still running. The Get variables display the current status of different processes of the application.

To compile the MIB file:

  1. Copy the Internet Agent MIB (gwia.mib) to the SNMP management console’s MIB directory.

  2. Compile the MIB file.

  3. Create a profile that uses the Internet Agent MIB, then select that profile.