60.1 Modifying Monitor Application Environment Settings

Using ConsoleOne®, you can modify the Monitor Application’s environment settings. The environment settings determine such things as the location where ConsoleOne stores the Monitor Application’s configuration file and how long the Monitor Application maintains an open session with an inactive user.

  1. In ConsoleOne, use the Console View to browse to the Monitor Application object (named GroupWiseMonitor).

    Console View with Monitor Application object displayed

    The Monitor Application object is not available in the GroupWise View.

  2. Right-click the Monitor Application object, then click Properties to display the Environment page.

    Environment property page
  3. Modify the fields as needed:

    Configuration File: The Monitor Application does not have access to Novell® eDirectory® or the GroupWise domain database (wpdomain.db). Therefore, ConsoleOne writes the application’s configuration information to the file specified in this field. By default, this is the gwmonitor.cfg file located in the Monitor Application’s home directory. The location of this home directory varies by platform.




    novell\gwmonitor at the root of the Web server

    In general, you should avoid changing the location of the file.

    IMPORTANT:On Linux, do not change the location of the gwmonitor.cfg file.

    Logout URL: By default, if users are required to log in to the Monitor Web console, they are returned to the login page when they log out. If desired, you can enter the URL for a different page.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.