60.4 Modifying Monitor Application Template Settings

When the Monitor Application receives information from a service provider, it merges the information into the appropriate Monitor template before displaying the information to the Monitor Web console user. Using ConsoleOne, you can modify the Monitor Application’s template settings. The template settings determine such things as the location of the templates, the maximum amount of server memory to use for caching the templates, and the default template language.

  1. In ConsoleOne, browse to and right-click the Monitor Application object (named GroupWiseMonitor), then click Properties.

  2. Click Application > Templates to display the Templates page.

    Templates property page
  3. Modify the fields as needed:

    Template Path: Select the location of the template base directory. The template base directory contains the subdirectories (simple, frames, hdml, and wml) for each of the templates provided with GroupWise Monitor. If you create your own templates, you need to place the templates in a new subdirectory in the template base directory. The default installation directory varies by platform.

    Java Package: Specify the Java package that contains the template resources used by the Monitor Application. The default package is com.novell.gwmonitor.templates.

    Images URL: Specify the URL for the GroupWise Monitor image files. These images are merged into the templates along with the GroupWise information. This URL must be relative to the Web server’s document root directory. The default relative URL varies by platform.

    Applets URL: The Monitor Application does not currently use applets.

    Help URL: Specify the URL for the GroupWise Monitor Help files. The default installation directory is the com\novell\gwmonitor\help directory under the Web server’s document root directory.

    Enable Template Caching: To speed up access to the template files, the Monitor Application can cache the files in memory. Select this option to turn on template caching.

    Cache Size: Select the maximum amount of memory, in kilobytes, you want to use when caching the templates. The default cache size, 1024 KB, is sufficient to cache all templates shipped with GroupWise Monitor. If you modify or add templates, you can turn on Verbose logging on the Monitor Application object Log Settings page to view the size of the template files. Using this information, you can then change the cache size appropriately.

    Default Language: Select the language to use when displaying the initial Monitor Web console page.

    Define User Interfaces: GroupWise Monitor supports Web browsers on many different devices (for example, computers and wireless telephones). Each device supports specific content types such as HTML, HDML, and WML. When returning information to a device’s Web browser, the Monitor Application must merge the information into a set of templates to create an interface that supports the content type required by the Web browser.

    GroupWise Monitor ships with several predefined user interfaces. These interfaces support Web browsers that require HTML, HDML, and WML content types. Click the User Interface button to view, add, modify, or delete user interfaces.

  4. Click OK to save the new template settings.