14.9 Disabling and Enabling GroupWise Accounts

You can disable a GroupWise account so that the user cannot access his or her mailbox until you enable the account again. This might be necessary if you need to perform database maintenance on the user’s mailbox or when a user leaves the company and no longer needs access to the mailbox.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the User object (or GroupWise External Entity object), then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > Account to display the Account page.

    Account property page
  3. Select Disable Logins, then click OK.

  4. To enable the user’s account when access is again permitted, deselect Disable Logins, then click OK.

While a user’s account is disabled, other users to whom proxy rights have been granted can still access the mailbox. This is convenient for reviewing the contents of the mailbox of a departed employee and pulling out those messages that are of use to the incoming employee.