6.5 Controlling Address Book Synchronization for Remote Client Users

Before GroupWise 7, Remote client users received updated system Address Books based on the Refresh Address Books and Rules Every nn Days setting under Accounts > Mail > Properties > Advanced. The entire Address Book was downloaded to the Remote client according to the specified schedule. The downloadable version of the Address Book was created by the POA according to the schedule described in Section 36.4.3, Performing Nightly User Upkeep

Starting in GroupWise 7, the POA automatically updates the post office database with changes to the Address Book as they occur. As a result, whenever a Remote client connects to the GroupWise system, it automatically downloads any updates to the Address Book that have occurred since the last time it connected. This means that Remote client users always have an up-to-date Address Book to work with.

Because the Address Book updates are stored as records in the post office database (wphost.db), this feature causes the post office database to grow in size as time passes. Therefore, in ConsoleOne, you can specify the maximum number of days you want to store the incremental update records. The longer the incremental update records are stored, the larger the post office database becomes, which can impact available disk space and backup time.

  1. Browse to and select a Post Office object, then click Properties.

  2. Click GroupWise > Post Office Settings.

    Post Office Settings property page
  3. In the Max Age for Address Book Updates field, specify the number of days you want to retain Address Book update records.

    The default is 15 days. The maximum number of days is 90.

  4. Click OK to save the setting.

Remote client users should not deselect Refresh Address Books and Rules Every nn Days because rules are still downloaded according to this schedule. Even if users do not want to download their rules, they still should not deselect this option because it would turn off the Address Book delta sync. They can, however, set the option to a greater number of days to cause the download of the full Address Book to occur less frequently.