1.2 What You Need to Do

GroupWise includes multiple components that you need to install to realize the full benefits of GroupWise. However, some components might not be necessary, depending on your needs. The following table outlines the components, what they provide, and where to find instructions for installing them.

Table 1-1 Components of Your GroupWise System


What it does

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Administration, Agents, and Client (Windows or Cross-Platform)

Necessary for a basic GroupWise system. These components are required and must be installed before any other components.

Section 3.0, Installing a Basic GroupWise System

Internet Agent

Provides Internet e-mail communication, POP3/IMAP4 client access, and paging services.

Section 4.0, Installing the GroupWise Internet Agent


Provides access to mailboxes through a Web browser or mobile device.

Section 5.0, Installing GroupWise WebAccess


Provides administrative monitoring of the GroupWise agents.

Section 6.0, Installing GroupWise Monitor


Provides instant messaging.

GroupWise Messenger Installation Guide

In addition to the sections referenced in the above table, this Installation Guide includes the following sections:

The information in these sections is provided as a reference for installing additional components after you’ve created your basic GroupWise system.