18.0 Transitioning Windows Users to Linux or Macintosh

When users move from Windows workstations to Linux or Macintosh, they first need to install the Cross-Platform client, as described in Section 8.4, Setting Up the GroupWise Client. They can then immediately use the Cross-Platform client to connect to their GroupWise® mailboxes, regardless of whether the mailboxes reside on Linux, NetWare®, or Windows servers.

If users have Caching mailboxes or archives on their Windows workstations, they can simply copy them to an appropriate location on their Linux or Macintosh workstations, and then update the file location information in the Cross-Platform client (Tools > Options > Archive Directory and Caching Mailbox Directory).

NOTE:Remote mode is not currently supported in the Cross-Platform client, so Remote users should not copy their Remote mailboxes to Linux or Macintosh.

For a comparison of feature availability between the Cross-Platform client and the Windows client, see GroupWise Client Comparison in the GroupWise 7 Client Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).