28.0 Novell exteNd

In earlier versions of GroupWise®, WebAccess stored its default user interface files in the following directory on the Web server:

tomcat_root/webapps/gw/WEB-INF/classes/com/novell/webaccess/ templates/frames

In GroupWise 7, the user interface files are stored in the css subdirectory of templates rather than the frames subdirectory.

If you have exteNd™ portlets configured to use WebAccess, you must copy some of the exteNd template files from the frames directory into the css directory. Refer to the Identity Manager Accessory Portlet Reference Guide to determine which exteNd template files you should copy to the css directory. Do not copy the entire contents of the frames directory into the css directory; this would damage the new GroupWise 7 WebAccess user interface.

In addition, modify the WebAccess URL in the exteNd Portal Preferences from: